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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] Sessions and SSO.

Conor P. Cahill wrote:
> I think we're deep into the nuances of the interpretation of English
> here (a bad place to be in many cases), but I think it isn't as clear
> cut as a yes/no answer.
> First in discussing SSO, one could argue that authenticating at
> one party (the IdP) and using that authentication at another party
> (the SP) is SSO, even if you have to perform the authentication
> steps every time an SP requests an assertion.

You're right (and in the later comments). I have in the past even 
defined a web SSO protocol's function as the creation of a session on 
one vhost based on a session on another, which is even more generic.

I actually do prefer the term "HTTP authentication profile" to SSO 
profile, though. Just wasn't practical to change it.

-- Scott

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