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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] Subject confirmation.

Giuseppe Sarno wrote on 11/9/2005, 11:10 AM:

The subjectconfirmation is data available sent to the SP by the asserting party (IDP), so far so good.

That isn't how I would describe it.

Now the thing I don't understand is the following:

Is this data meant to let the SP determine that the Subject in the assertion is actually the subject ? (sorry about the word game)

The Subject confirmation is essentially the steps that the sender must go through to proove they are allowed to present the assertion to the receiver.   In the case of Broswer based SSO, this will always be a "bearer" confirmention (meaning that whoever can bear this token can present it to the SP).  This is necessary since the browser isn't capable of doing anything else.

Of course, when you get beyond a browser and into server to server messsages, the sender can do things like prove that they hold a key (holder-of-key confirmations) typically by signing something (usually some portion of the message).  You can see more of how this is used in the WS-Security SAML Token Profile specification.

Or is this data meant to let the SP to determine that the IDP that issued the Assetion is associated with the Subject ?

It is not generally used for IdP->SP communications associated with SSO since they are typically sent through a browser client (so the browser is actually the entity sending the assertion to the SP after having gotten it from the IdP).

Now I'm trying to understand what the SP is supposed to do.

In the browser based SSO model (where the SP comes into play), the confirmation method is: "...:cm:bearer" since it is always a bearer confirmation (See Section 4.1.1 of the SAML Profiles specification).


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