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Subject: SAML 1.1 Artifact Profile -> SAML 2.0 - missing TARGET attribute

The danish government have adopted the American eAuthentication program, but
we will base it only on SAML 2.0. We are right now making a detailed
documentation on how to apply the Artifact profile. We have ealier looked at
SAML 1.1, and the eAuthentication program allready has documented the
Artifact profile for SAML 1.1, but we are missing a part to do the same with
SAML 2.0.

In the SAML 1.1 artifact profile [1], " Step 1: Accessing the
Inter-Site Transfer Service":

  This name-value pair occurs in the <searchpart> and is used to convey
information about the
  desired target resource at the destination site.

This seems to have been replaced by some other mechanisme in SAML 2.0, the
interop paper [2] has a description the might lead me to conclude that
relaystate could do the same for me "5.4 idP-Site-First Use Case

The unsolicited Response sent by the idP in an idP initiated SSO may
optionally contain a
RelayState parameter. If RelayState is included, it MUST be a valid URL of a
on the Service Provider.

Could someone please direct me a resource that describes how to this in SAML

Thanks for any help.

Best regards

Brian Nielsen
Enterprise Architect
IT Strategic Division
Danish National IT- and Telecom Agency


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