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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] SAML, trust and WS.

> I think that in most cases the invocation model (parties and 
> security context) will be different and that a token generated 
> for browser based SSO will typically be different than a token 
> generated for web service invocation

i think this should be stressed over and over. speaking from my 
own experience, i bet that there are a lot of developers that are 
new to saml, attempting to implement some saml-based security 
system but have not grasped that the saml assertion referred to in 
the simple saml 1.x sso profile is used for a different purpose 
(and in a different context; and using a different delivery 
mechanism/protocol) than a saml assertion used in a wsse:Security 
header.  another thing that us non-experts get easily tripped up 
on i think, is that there are significant differences in what you 
can do with saml 2 compared to what you can do with saml 1.x. in 
the project i am working on, we are constrained to saml 1.1.

the eureka moment didn't come for me until i eventually realized 
that 1) saml on its own only goes so far; and 2) the Liberty 
Alliance and the ws-* stack are two distinct approaches to the 
same problem. the confusing thing is (at least it was for me) the 
fact that they both use ws-security and saml assertions.  if i 
were to advise any newbies out there like myself i would say  
first establish from which context (Liberty or ws-*/saml 1.x or 
saml 2) a given explanation of saml is coming in order to make 
sense of all of the different (often confusing) interpretations 
out there.

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