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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] SAML, trust and WS.

> I didn't say the IdP doesn't know the SP, I said (or meant to say)
> that the IdP may not know the SP in advance, so it can't issue an
> assertion targeted at a specific SP.  (I don't dare try to explain
> this further, otherwise this thread will deteriorate into oblivion :)

No, I get you. My point was that the identifier in such a case is either
global (assumed to be useful to any SP but a privacy no-no), or meaningless
to the SP (a handle accompanied by other data). There's no reason an IdP
couldn't issue a handle that was usable by anybody that happened to get the
token, and it would probably be willing to respond to queries on that basis
for as long as the token was valid. All of that is just policy.

I said elsewhere that a transient handle was pair-wise, but I was sloppy.
It's not. It's issued for some set of relying parties, and how big that set
is is not dictated by any spec, it's IdP policy.

> > Anything you want to do is going to require new functionality. Sorry,
> > the way it is. But that functionality won't have much to do with
> > identifiers, and that's my only point.
> And that is our fundamental point of disagreement...I'll leave it at that.

What I meant (but you might still disagree with) was that it doesn't impact
the *specifications* with respect to identifiers. Obviously there is lots of
new functionality in the spec (encrypted IDs, NameIDMapping) that would
pertain to how identifiers would be used/chosen/issued. And new code needed
for all of that.

My claim is that the basics already spec'd are sufficient to design profiles
involving many actors in different scenarios, but one thing they have in
common is probably a reliance on an IdP or something like it to manage and
supply crosswalks between entities that share only a relationship with it.

-- Scott

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