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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] acquiring | dereferencing an assertion using an artifact

william wrote:
> a. approach #1 assumes some kind of persistence mechanism 
> (in-memory cache, file-system serialization, rdbms, etc...); 
> please, can anybody share the pros and cons of this approach and 
> the different possible persistence mechanisms?

They both require the same degree of persistence because artifacts have 
to be bound to a particular SP, so you have to store that information at 
a minimum.

Neither is particularly practical in a clustered environment that wants 
to avoid a single point of failure, particularly if your cluster is 
separated widely.

That's why 2.0 uses indexed endpoints and ensures each artifact can be 
bound to a specific one.

There are in-memory approaches such as JGroups that seem among the most 
practical way to deal with it for now.

-- Scott

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