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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] App to App SAML

1. App1 submits a SAML assertion (on behalf of a user) to App2
2. App2 to verifies the assertion and allows "app1" access to specific user data
3. App1 makes a request for "foo"
4.  <-- response sent
5. App1 makes a request for "bar"
6. <-- response sent 
This model is anticipated (and one could correctly argue that the Browser SSO profile does exactly this in that App1 is the browser and App2 is the web server controlling a resource (your "foo" and "bar") that the browser wants to get to.
The Web Services Security: SAML Token Profile also shows how one app can talk to another using a SAML assertion as part of the security layer of a SOAP call.
One thing that you don't note is how step 3 and 5 are tield to step 1.  This would be critical for a useful protocol.  in the Browser SSO world, this is typically done by sending a cookie to the browser in Step 2 which comes back to the server in steps 3 and 5.  On the SOAP protocol layer you would need to either continue to include the SAML assertion or define a way to replace it (as Liberty has done in its ServiceInstanceUpdate and/or EndpointUpdate headers).

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