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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] SAML testing tools

Well I hadn't seen any response so does that mean people don't load test 
their SAML implementations?



>I was wondering about commercial, free or open source test tools such as 
>load testing tools that might be compatible with the SAML Web Browser POST 
>profile for SSO. The issue seems to be that many components and tools don't 
>process javascript and therefore don't handle the browser being redirected 
>using a form automatically submitted (POSTed) using javascript. Are you 
>aware of any good components or tools that are particularly useful as 
>automation or test tools to simulate the browser when using the SAML 1.1 
>Web Browser POST profile for SSO?
>I have seen some mention of jmeter but looking at jmeter it doesn't seem to 
>support this. The other tool that looked promising is hatatap but it 
>doesn't seem to be as popular as jmeter.
>Any information appreciated.

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