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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] DEFLATE Implementation in JAVA

> I found this thread, too. But I tried using nowrap=true - what did not
> work anyway. Is the combined usage of Java Steams
> (ByterArrayOutputStream, InflaterOutputStream and ObjectOutputStream)
> correct, in general?

I really have no idea, but that sounds a bit overdone to me. I'm not sure
where ObjectOutputStream fits into this.

> How did you inflate and deflate SAML messages in OpenSAML 2.0?

It doesn't exist yet.

I don't do Java much anymore, other people handle that, so I'm more
concerned with how to do it in C++, and that's why it's RFC 1951 that
matters. The spec is not written in terms of Java, obviously.

We took some pains during the process to determine whether the existing Sun
code could produce the right output, and the people who checked told me that
using nowrap produced the correct thing, even though it's a bit
non-intuitive to use the flag because the class is mis-named.

I was more than willing to change the reference to RFC 1950 (zlib) or define
a second encoding for the binding if that was easier but the implementer
feedback was that nowrap produced exactly the right thing.

-- Scott

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