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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] SAML WSDL ?

> I can use the WSDL to describe the body of the SOAP message. 
> However, I don't think that Header messages like SAML are described.  

I seem to recall there was something about headers somewhere in the WSDL
SOAP binding stuff, which I glanced at but don't actually know much about.

> Other than a graphic/text description, how do I describe the 
> SAML header of my SOAP message ? 

I think you're looking at things like the profiles in ID-WSF that more or
less presume certain header content based on the security mechanism in use,
or WS-SecurityPolicy, which apparently doesn't go so far as to discuss
assertion content.

I think there's work emerging on the *type* of assertions to use (i.e.
SubjectConfirmation requirements) as in ID-WSF but not much at all on the
content, other than a few places in SAML metadata, which isn't really
adapted so far to describing web service relying party requirements.

I guess I would certainly see security requirements like this as totally
unrelated to the logical definition of a service's application messages,

-- Scott

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