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Subject: Seeking clarification of Name ID Management Profile

I have some questions about a few inconsistencies this profile.


  1. Is the Name Identifier Management profile meant to support all Name ID Formats (barring transient, which is forbidden due to its one time use definition)?  I suspect that this is true, but is difficult to confirm based on the following inconsistencies:
    1. Section 4.5 of saml-profiles-2.0-os.pdf states “…an identity provider has exchanged some form of persistent identifier for a principal…”.  Initially I took this to mean “a Name Identifier with a Format of urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:persistent”.  This was partially corroborated by the definition of the persistent identifier in section 8.3.7 of saml-core-2.0-os.pdf, which states one line 3333:  “The element’s SPProvidedID attribute MUST contain the alternative identifier of the principal most recently set by the service provider or affiliation, if any.  If no such identifier has been established, then the attribute MUST be omitted.”  The other Name Identifier Format definitions do not state this, so it would seem this was the only supported Format.
    2. Line 2435 in saml-core-2.0-os.pdf states that the SPProvidedID attribute MUST be provided in all communications with the SP if the NewID came from the SP (essentially providing an alias for the NameID), but there is no restriction on Name ID Format stated (except for transient, mentioned elsewhere).
    3. Some of the security-services mail list messages have stated “only supported for persistent identifiers”.  I’ve seen other message which stated that SPProvidedID is there to avoid the need to index based on a NameID which was generated or provided by an IdP.  Both of these imply a Name ID Format of “persistent”.  However, I do believe I also saw messages which stated that “persistent” sometimes meant “an ID which is persisted in some kind of storage”, rather than the persistent Name ID Format.
  2. The Name Identifier Management profile may apply to all Name ID Formats (depending on the outcome of #1), but does the SPProvidedID apply to all Name ID Formats or only to the “persistent” format?  That is, can an SP create an alias *only* if the Name ID has a Format of “persistent”?
    1. We have item 1. b. above, which seems to keep it open for Name ID Management.
    2. We have item 1. a. above, in which this is only mentioned in the definition of the “persistent” Name ID Format.
    3. We have item 1. c. above, specifically “generated or provided by an IdP”, which may imply a Name ID Format of persistent.
  3. Does SPProvidedID specify an alias for “this principal” or “this NameID”?  I’m trying to determine if there is any impact if the Name ID happens to be common to a group (and is therefore used by multiple users – similar to an Affiliation), and the user is moved from one group to another.  Is the Name ID supposed to follow the user?  I’ll admit this is may be a somewhat remote use case.
    1. I saw an item on the security-services mail list that stated that “this NameID” was the original intent, but the text in the specifications still says “this principal”.  I see the impact of this as being truly different.  If a SPProvidedID maps to the user, and the user is part of a group or affiliation, and then the user switches groups, what would the behavior be?  It seems like “this NameID” has less of an impact, but a moved user would require another change in their alias.
  4. Is support for SPProvidedID really a MUST?  Some state for this must be maintained?
    1. This could require additional per-SP persistence per NameID and/or per principal (depending on the answer to #3) on the IdP for maintaining state.
    2. The wording in the specifications (and the errata) in regards to Termination reads something along the lines of “If the provider is maintaining state…”, which could be interpreted as either “in the case with SPProvidedID was used in a <ManageNameIDRequest> from the SP” or “if support was implemented”.


Thanks in advance.




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