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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] Issuer and webSSO profile.

> I see your point I guess since the Profile impose that the Format for
> the issuer is Entity (as such it might not be present) then it means
> that NAmeQualifier/SPNameQualifier have no meaning in this context. Is
> that correct ?

I guess I'm lost. If you're asking about *Issuer*, then there's not even a
question, those attributes MUST NOT appear. They are completely unused for
an entityID.

> >That is not a MUST unless the NameID in question has one set.
> Well as said above in the case of WebSSO profile since the issuer is
> mand it MUST contain the SPProvidedID.
> Is that a logical conclusion?

I can't parse your sentence, but no, it's not. I don't think you understand
SPProvidedID. That's for SP-supplied aliases against a NameIdentifier of a
user. It has nothing really to do with WebSSO per se, it's just a feature of
the NameIDMgmt protocol that affects how users are represented in

-- Scott

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