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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] question on AttributeQuery processing

On Thu, 2007-04-19 at 10:44 -0400, Scott Cantor wrote:
> > LDAP filter and and SQL where clause is what an IdP can use to resolve
> > attributes for a subject. They are implementation details, should they
> > drive applications interface?
> That isn't my point. You said "a filter can certainly do X" and I was
> pointing out two extremely common examples of filters that do not do X. In
> fact, I would say that I've never once seen anything called a "filter"
> behave the way you describe, so the idea simply never occurred to me, nor
> did anybody ever suggest it.
I'v been thinking for ten minutes and cannot find an example, so I guess
you're right, calling a filter what I described is not common. And if
the point was filtering, that's it.

> > Do you consider this use pattern uncommon
> Well, I do, but it doesn't matter whether I do or not for the purposes of
> your question. The spec doesn't allow for it at the moment.
Got it.



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