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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] Metadata, IdP Disco, AuthnRequest, etc...

Hello --

On 15 May 2007, at 19:26, Scott Cantor wrote:

>> I'm just arguing for flexibility in the protocol to allow metadata to
>> be more dynamically distributed.  Use it, don't use it, it doesn't
>> matter, as long as your fellow federation members can follow along (a
>> matter of federation policy, I'd think, or maybe a metadata flag).
> I'm fine with that, I'm just trying to understand some of your  
> assumptions
> better. I'm obviously not the gatekeeper here (apart from somebody  
> asking me
> to actually author specs, which you're not).

You know, we both might be going about things in a sub-optimal way,  
all the while missing an obvious solution.  I've got another idea,  
which I'll write up (which will force me to gather my thoughts  
completely) and then run it by the group.

Unfortunately, I have an all-day meeting next Tuesday, so I won't be  
able to join that call.  Maybe in three weeks...


Karsten Huneycutt
Systems Specialist, ITS Identity Management

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