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Subject: Re: [tf-emc2] Do your federation require assertionconsumerservice to be on https

On Jan 18, 2008, at 16:00 , Mikael Linden wrote:

>> [ ] yes
>> [ ] no
> https recommended
>> I use
>> [X] browser/post
> mikael

Thanks, Mikael. When you are using browser/post, and if some SPs  
decide to not use https, don't the browser give a ugly warning about  
posting a form from a secure to a nonsecure webpage? How do you solve  

We like to use browser/post for simplicity, but we have some SPs that  
are not so happy about using https.

I CC to saml-dev, because I assume this is a general saml question. Is  
it so that we have to switch artifact for those SPs that use http?

Andreas Åkre Solberg



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