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Subject: isPassive in logoutrequest

When we are doing SAML 2.0 SLO with HTTP-REDIRECT, I like the hidden- 
iframe solution to make it more robust.

But, when we are doing nested logouts (through bridging elements) I  
need some way of indicating in the LogoutRequest that this request is  
send using hidden iframe. The reason is that the receiver cannot use  
the hidden iframe approach again to do further logouts. What would  
really  make sense would be to have a isPassive attribute, like we  
have on the authnrequest. any change we can have that in the next  
revision of saml, please?

If not, any suggestions of how to signal this through the logoutrequest?

Do any of you have knowledge of which products on the market that are  
using the hidden iframe SLO approach?

Is shib2 idp using it?

Andreas Åkre Solberg



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