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Subject: SV: [saml-dev] AuthnRequest - what exactly is signed


I'm using the HTTP Redirect Binding.
The part about the concatenation of the 3 strings is from the
description about the DEFLATE encoding in the bindings document.


-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
Fra: Scott Cantor [mailto:cantor.2@osu.edu] 
Sendt: 29. februar 2008 16:40
Til: Hellan.Kim KHE; 'SAML Developers'
Emne: RE: [saml-dev] AuthnRequest - what exactly is signed

> I'm new to SAML and have to make a simple client. I'm starting with
> AuthnRequest and have the following data that I need to send to the

With what binding?

> If I read the standard correctly, each of these 3 parameters needs to
> URL-encoded and then concatenated into a string, so it should look
> something like this:

There's no binding that would match, so no, that's wrong.

> Is it correct, that it is the entire string as shown above that is
> signed, and then the signature is posted in the Signature parameter?

Signing is binding dependent. For a redirect, yes, you sign all of those
parameters, but you don't have the message encoded correctly.

-- Scott

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