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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] One token per endpoint-address?

Christian Mielke wrote:
> In this case, I want to use SAML only for simple
> AuthenticationStatements. I use them as endorsed supporting tokens.
> So for me it would be the best when a client gets a token and can use
> for every web-service on the server.

Well, as I mentioned before.  This may not be up to you.  A token issuer 
may explicitly indicate to whom the token may be sent.  If it does, then 
that's it.  There isn't anything you can do.

> Problem is the WCF implementation of Microsoft which calls the STS
> for each web-service, means a generated WCF client requests for each
> service a token (AppliesTo in the request).

This is pretty common and not terribly surprising.

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