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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] holder-of-key subject confirmation

> That's what I meant, sorry, but I don't want to require use of the
> same certificate.  As I tried to outline earlier, the user presents C1
> to the IdP and C2 to the RP (where key(C1) != key(C2)), with the
> additional restriction that the same name is bound to both
> certificates.

Per an email I just sent, I think you also mean the issuer is the same? I
missed that part (and generally assume the opposite). That's a big part of
the equation.

> What I heard from Conor is that
> KeyInfo/X509Data/X509SubjectName is required in this case, and what
> I'm hearing from you is that this needs to be profiled somewhere.  Is
> that a fair summary so far?

Yeah, I think so. Either profiled or you're just assuming that any
implementaton can be made to have the behavior you want by setting options,
which is probably a big assumption in this case.

-- Scott

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