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Subject: Trying to implement SSO framework using SAML v 2.0

Hello All,

I have gone through the SAML documents.
I have to implement a SSO framework using OpenSAML 2.0.

How do i start ?

I have following question regarding implementing SSO solution

1) I will have to have to have a Access check mechanism which will check if the user is already authenticated
and if  he is isn't then redirect the user to Idp SSO endpoint along with generated <AuthnRequest>  i.e. SAMLRequest.
This component can be a java filter right ?

2) How the sessions will be managed (at Idp and SP both) .This is very critical as I also want to  have SAML 2.0 Single Log out.

I want to implement a very basic  skeleton . it need not have all the profiles but it should pretty much cover the following

1) Any One SSO profile
2) SLO profile
3) A proper session management.

Please please share something on this or at least give me a direction to start.

Many Thanks in advance

Best Regards,

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