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Subject: RuleML-2008: Deadline Extension

[ our apologies should you receive this message more than one time ]

Due to a number of requests we have to decided to extend
the submission deadline by 2 weeks.

         NEW deadline for paper/demo submission: June 16

            2008 International RuleML Symposium
       on Rule Interchange and Applications (RuleML-2008)

          October 30-31, 2008, Orlando, Florida

RuleML-2008 Highlights:

- Keynote speakers:
  * Michael Kifer (State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA),
    on "Rule Interchange Format: Not Just Syntax".
    Joint keynote between RuleML-2008 and RR2008.
  * David Luckham (Stanford University, USA) on complex event processing.
  * Paul Haley (Haley Ltd) on business rules.
  * Benjamin Grosof (Vulcan Inc, USA) on the SILK KRR system of the HALO
  (Details at: http://2008.ruleml.org/keynote.php )
- Joint Lunch Panel with the Business Rules Forum about "Rules on the Web"
- RuleML-2008 Challenge with prestigious prices
  (Details at: http://2008.ruleml.org/challenge.php )
  (Submissions at: http://ruleml-challenge.cs.nccu.edu.tw/ )
- Lightning talks / Highlight talks

Accepted papers will be published in Springer LNCS proceedings and
a journal special issue (IEEE TKDE pending) is forthcoming.

PRESS RELEASES: http://www.targetwire.com/vpo/rm/

Call for Papers

Collocated with the 11th International Business Rules Forum, the 2008
International Symposium on Rule Interchange and Applications 
(RuleML-2008) is
the second symposium (after last year's highly successful RuleML-2007 -
http://2007.ruleml.org/) devoted to work on practical distributed rule
technologies and rule-based applications which need language standards for
rules operating in the context of, e.g., the Semantic Web, Intelligent 
Agent Systems, Event-Driven Architectures and Service-Oriented Computing
Applications. The RuleML symposium is a new kind of event where the Web 
and Logic community joins the established, practically oriented Forum of the
Business Rules community (http://www.businessrulesforum.com) to help cross-
fertilizing between Web and Business Logic technology.

The goal of RuleML-2008 is to bring together rule system providers,
representatives of, and participants in, rule standardization efforts (e.g.,
SBVR, RuleML, RIF, PRR, CL) and open source rules communities (e.g., jBoss
Rules, CLIPS/Jess, Prova, OO jDrew, Mandarax, XSB, XQuery), 
practitioners and
technical experts, developers, users, and researchers. They will be offered
an exciting venue to exchange new ideas, practical developments and
experiences on issues pertinent to the interchange and application of rules
in open distributed environments such as the Web.

The Symposium gives emphasis on practical issues such as technical
contributions and show case demonstrations of effective, practical,
deployable rule-based technologies, rule interchange formats and 
as well as discussions of lessons learned that have to be taken into account
when employing rule-based technologies in distributed, (partially) open,
heterogeneous environments. We also welcome groundwork that helps to 
build an
effective, practical, and deployable rule standard, improve rule technology,
provide better understanding of the integration and interchange of 
rules, and
make the current generation of rule engines and rule technology more usable
for advanced Web and Service Oriented Architectures.

More details in: http://2008.ruleml.org/cfp.pdf

RuleML-2008 Challenge

The RuleML-2008 Challenge is one of the highlights of RuleML-2008. It
addresses the system demonstration for practical use of rule technologies in
distributed and/or Web-based environments. The focus of the challenge is on
rule technologies (including rule languages and engines), interoperation and
interchange. The challenge offers participants the chance to demonstrate
their commercial and open source tools, use cases, and applications. Prizes
will be awarded to the two best applications. All accepted demos will be
presented in a special Challenge Session.

More details in: http://2008.ruleml.org/challenge.php

Important Dates

- Paper Submissions due		June 16, 2008 (EXTENDED)
- Notification of acceptance	July 22, 2008
- Final submissions due		August 13, 2008
- Symposium date		October 30-31, 2008
- RuleML Challenge		October 30, 2008

Submission Site is open:
Submission guidelines:
Topics of Interest:
Organizing Committee:
Program Committee:

Co-located with:

         The 11th International Business Rules Forum
Sponsored by:

Gold level  : Vulcan Inc (pending)
Silver level: Model Systems
Bronze level: STI Innsbruck, ruleCore, JBoss

Sponsoring opportunities: http://2008.ruleml.org/sponsoring/
In Co-operation with:

AAAI, W3C, BPM-Forum, Business Rules Forum , ECCAI, OASIS, OMG,
Dallas Rules Group, Belgium Business Rules Forum,
MIT Sloan CIO Symposium,
IEEE Systems Man and Cybernetics Society
IEEE SMCS TC on Intelligent Internet Systems
IEEE SMCS TC on Distributed Intelligent Systems
IEEE Computer Society TC on Autonomous and Autonomic Systems
Media Partners:
                  Springer LNCS, MoDo Marketing

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