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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] n--1 type federation and more SAML 2.0 questions

>> If yes, why is that the case? If no, how comes that in the Liberty Interop
>> matrix,
> <http://www.projectliberty.org/liberty_interoperable/interoperable_products/
>> saml_2_0_test_procedure_v3_0_full_matrix_product_table> ), the IBM and RSA
>> products achieved IdP and SP conformance modes, but do NOT support the ECP
>> conformance mode?
> That would imply that Liberty conformance and SAML conformance are not the
> same thing.

That may well be but not because of this particular point.  The Liberty ECP
conformance mode is about showing interoperability *as* the client or proxy
implementation with an SP and an IdP.  All the Liberty SP and IdP
conformance (even lite) modes require interoperability with an ECP.  

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