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Subject: AttributeQuery : why SOAP binding ?

In the SAML profile spec, I see an attributeQuery must be sent with a synchronous binding, such as the SOAP binding.
Why ?
I have a case where it should be useful to use a POST or Redirect Binding :
The user authenticate to the IDP with a smartcard. User attributes are in the smartcard, and we want the IDP to ask the user the permission to read the attributes in its smartcard and send it to the SP. So if we want the IDP to interact with the user, we need to send the attribute query with an asynchronous binding like POST or Redirect....
Is my use case not compatible with SAML2 spec ?

Valérie BAUCHE
Ingénieur en développement de solutions de sécurité
Bull, Architect of an Open World TM
Tél : 02 41 93 57 09

Bull recrute : http://www.bull.fr/emploi

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