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Subject: Re: =?UTF-8?B?UsOpZi4gOiBSZTogW3NhbWwtZGV2XSBSw6lmLiA6IFJFOiBbc2E=?==?UTF-8?B?bWwtZGV2XSBBdHRyaWJ1dGVRdWVyeSA6IHdoeSBTT0FQIGJpbmRpbmcgPw==?=

Okay, so you have *no* upfront knowledge about what attributes will be
needed.  Would a model where the IdP releases, at authentication time,
all attributes that *might* be needed an acceptable solution?  I know a
lot of services work like this.

valerie.bauche@bull.net wrote:
> Ok I understand...
> In my typical use case I must have a second round trip ! Because when I 
> send the first AuthnRequest I don't know which attributes I need, I cant 
> ask for them at this moment. 
> The needed attributes will depend on what the user will do in the 
> ressource later in the process...
> I know it seems a bit strange but this is a client requirement and I just 
> try to find the best way to handle it !
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