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Subject: Re: [Shib-Users] shib2 sp + unsigned slo messages

On 9. des.2008, at 02:04, Scott Cantor wrote:

>> Is it possible to configure Shib 2.X SP to accept unsigned  
>> LogoutRequest
>> messages?
> I can't think of any reason why you would want to, and I wouldn't  
> advise anybody to try, but in theory if you create a Security Policy  
> with a NullSecurity rule:


> I haven't ever tried it, and I wouldn't expect anybody to do so.  
> Signing is a MUST with POST or Redirect SLO messages.

Yup, I know the profile doc says so. But I don't understand what  
threat you are protecting against when ensuring integrity of the  

(I moved the question to saml-dev@oasis, because this is no longer  
shib related.)

Andreas Åkre Solberg


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