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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] Confusion regarding AuthnContext

bhaskar jain wrote on 2009-09-21:
> "Configured on the SP side" meant that administrator could configure the
> AuthnContextClassRef (in our case PasswordProtectedTransport) on the SP
> like some SP's allow (e.g. WebEx)

Sorry, I still have no idea what you're describing.

> Our target are SaaS applications like salesforce and googleapps (which
> *do* not place any such restriction on AuthnContextClassRef) but wanted
> to be doubly sure before implementing an IdP which would always send
> 'PasswordProtectedTransport'.

Are they requiring a particular class at runtime, or not?

> What about government applications? Any idea whether they allow it to be
> configurable.

I don't think there's much practice in the govt space yet but the general
idea there is to use the AC to carry LOA identifiers, not things like

-- Scott

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