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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] Front-channel AttributeQuery Profile

> I'd like to exploit the possibility of implicitly referring 
> to the current user (as things are front-channel), and 
> therefore I am abit stucked because the AttributeQuery 
> extends SubjectQueryAbstractType (if I remember correctly), 
> wher a Subject MUST be included.

IIRC, the response assertion must strongly match the requested subject as well.

> Would it be a good idea to omit the NameID, and use 
> Subjectconf as sender-vouces or bearer... Something like 
> this? Better ideas appreciated....

How about defining a new NameID which takes no value, but whose presence in the request indicates that the SAML Issuer must return a statement within the assertion which takes a value that names the subject of the enveloping assertion. It's fairly ugly, but...


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