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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] Mixed one/two-factor authentication environment

While I agree that a logout is not required to proceed to a higher level 
of authentication, 2FA is a system wherein two different factors are 
used in conjunction to authenticate. I suggest that to proceed from a 
single factor authentication transaction to one requiring 2F, the second 
authentication request should require two different factors are used in 
conjunction to activate the higher authentication.

A mixed one/two-factor authentication environment is easily implemented 
with separate paths and directory branches.

robert.philpott@rsa.com wrote:
> Not necessarily. Unless there are some other unstated requirements, 
> IMO, implementations should be able to deal with the step-up 
> authentication without the logout step.
> It starts to get into authentication grading of course which SAML 
> tends to consider a “local” policy matter.. If you accept that a 2fa 
> is stronger than a u/p authentication at both an SP and an IdP, then 
> an implementation should normally accept the 2fa for getting at any 
> resource but the u/p authn can only get at the lower-protected resources.
> If the user hits a 2fa-protected resource on the SP first, the initial 
> AuthenticationRequest can ask for the hardware token and the relying 
> party should let them get to all resources.
> If the user hits a u/p resource on the SP first, the initial AR would 
> be for password and when the user subsequently hits a 2fa-protected 
> resource, it should just “add” to the users authn state by requesting 
> the IdP to authenticate them with the hardware token. There should be 
> no need to log the user out.
> On the IdP side, if the user is logged in first with u/p but it then 
> receives an AR asking for h/w token, it should just do the 2fa. 
> Shouldn’t be a need to log the user out.
> Well, at least that is how I would implement it.
> */Rob Philpott/*/ /
> *RSA, the Security Division of EMC**
> *Senior Technologist | e-Mail: robert.philpott@rsa.com 
> <rphilpott@rsa.com> | Office: (781) 515-7115 | Mobile: (617) 510-0893
> *From:* Tanja Sialevri [mailto:tanja.sialevri@gmail.com]
> *Sent:* Friday, December 11, 2009 5:42 AM
> *To:* saml-dev@lists.oasis-open.org
> *Subject:* [saml-dev] Mixed one/two-factor authentication environment
> I'm working on a federation scenario where some services require only 
> password authentication and some two-factor authentication (hard token).
> I was thinking of starting of with an Authentication Context that 
> requires only password and when the user requires a service that needs 
> two-factor auth, I'd log him out and request that he logins again in 
> an Authentication Context that requires the use of his hard token.
> Is this the way to go in a mixed one/two-factor authentication 
> enviroment?


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