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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] RE: How to provide SAML assertions in RESTful services

> Help me understand your suggestion for TLS? Today we use
> mutual-authenticated-TLS to be sure the two systems talking are
> authenticated/authorized. We use SAML for user.

The TLS part is a way to get a secure key association between an assertion,
the client, and subsequent requests.

> I have not seen anything lately on ECP, so I was wondering if it was a
> profile that had passed into history (4th Google hit on the topic gives
> me back my own presentation on this for IHE many years ago). If it is a
> good solution for RESTful, then I am good with looking at it again.

ECP is a part of the standard that I leverage in Shibboleth when it's
appropriate to do so. We built a SAML-based delegation strategy on top of
it, and we've done work around other sorts of HTTP clients that use it.

-- Scott

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