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Subject: What are folks using for STS?

Greetings all


As we move forward into the broader identity federation space we are looking to leverage the features of a typical Security Token Service.


We have been looking around at what commercial and open source products are around (as a few of you on this list will know.:-)) with a view to go forward with one or two.  We are a SAML shop so SAML tokens are being passed.  The government agencies here are running the whole gamut of environments (.NET, PHP etc) that the product would have to support.


What are you using in the STS space?





Colin Wallis

Authentication Standards Manager, Government Technology Services

Department of Internal Affairs

New Zealand Government

PO Box 10-526, Wellington 6143

New Zealand

t: +64 4 463 1337

m: +64 27 244 7135

Alternative email: colin_wallis@hotmail.com



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