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Subject: NOTICE: Kantara Initiative SAML 2.0 Interop Test Dates Adjusted - Registration Extended

Kantara Initiative - SAML 2.0 Interoperability Test

Test Plan ver3.3

Hello - This message is serves as notice of the updated SAML 2.0 Interoperability testing schedule.  In order to allow more participants the opportunity to register as well as to better leverage resources the SAML 2.0 Interoperability test has been rescheduled to begin January 6th and end February 24th (2011).  We continue to accept registrations for the Kantara Initiative Interoperability Certification for SAML 2.0 test event.  Registration concludes on Thursday December 30, 2010

To register visit: http://signup.kantarainitiative.org/event/.

Registration fees: 

SAML 2.0 Interop Test Plan ver3.3: $16,000 per product with version

Testing Location

No travel is required.  Participants will test over the internet from their own respective sites and communicate daily via conference calls and mail list server.

  • August 2:  Registration BEGINS
  • December 31:  Registration deadline
  • January 6 (2011):  SAML 2.0 Tests starts
  • February 24 (2011):  Test ends

Why Have Your SAML Product Kantara Initiative Interoperability Certified?

The SAML standard continues to be one of the most widely adopted identity management standards in the world. With industries from around the globe adopting SAML, the critical identity information that flows over SAML represents millions of identities each year. To ensure that identity information is securely handled, Kantara Initiative full-matrix interoperability certification is mission critical for these industries. There are typically some 6-8 participating products from around the globe participating in each round of testing with some 500 SAML transactions performed.

Kantara Initiative selected Drummond Group, the trusted interoperability test lab, as its testing partner.  Drummond Group has a proven track record of certification of interoperability of software, having tested hundreds of products from around the globe in a variety of standards.

What will be tested?

The Kantara Initiative SAML 2.0 test criteria test plan covers the required functionality through documented test steps. Version 3.3 of the test plan was finalized last month and will be used in this year’s test event. It will be similar to last year’s version 3.2.2 but also includes the new eGov 2.0 profile. You can find thetest plaat: http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/certification/SAML+2.0+Full+Matrix+Test+Event

eGov profiles vs. 1.5 and 2.0 will be tested in this upcoming test event.  The SAML 2.0 eGovernment Profile 2.0 reflects the features deemed necessary or desirable from software implementations in support of a variety of deployment profiles planned and in use for government identity management. One aspect of this version of the profile that is particularly interesting is the inclusion of Metadata and Trust Management support. 

Interested or have questions?


Joni Brennanemail:  joni@ieee-isto.org

or Drummond Group: Joani Hughes, email:  Joani@drummondgroup.com

Dervla O’Reilly
Program Manager
Kantara Initiative
+1 415 731 4487 business
+1 415 948 3650 mobile
+1 415 202 5212 Skype
+1 509 757 4487 fax

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