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Subject: JSON metadata

Wonderful presentation today by Hal Lockhart on the proposed SAML V2.1
standard. Thank you!

I'd like to suggest that the community needs a *standard* JSON
metadata spec that parallels the XML metadata spec. As you know, JSON
is much more amenable to browser-based applications, in this case,
browser-based discovery, error handling, and login. I know of no less
than two JSON metadata schemas in use in our own federation, and have
heard about numerous other schemas in use in other federations.

The real value of a JSON metadata spec will be felt at the federation
level. With such a spec, existing SAML federations could more easily
incorporate non-SAML roles and endpoints into federation metadata and
likewise more easily distribute federation metadata to non-SAML

FYI, I have a schema for JSON metadata, part of which is being used in
production. I would be happy to contribute this work to the SAML TC if
you decide to take this on.

Tom Scavo
Operations Manager

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