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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] Only plaintext Attributes in AttributeQuery

On 11/1/12 9:57 AM, "Dennis Felsch" <lists@dfelsch.de> wrote:
>While studying the documentation and the xml schemas, I noticed that an
>AttributeStatement allows to use Attribute- or EncryptedAttribute-elements
>(or both) as children. An AttributeQuery in contrast allows only plaintext
>I wonder if this serves a specific purpose or if
>EncryptedAttribute-elements were just simply forgotten in this context. It
>would make sense for me to have an opportunity to encrypt Attributes in a
>query. Are there any protocols that require Attributes in AttributeQueries
>to be sent in plaintext?

I think it was probably a combination oversight and/or lack of explicit
use case, since in general the idea of passing values in a query is pretty
rare, and there's not much call to encrypt the names.

-- Scott

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