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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] multi-IDP federations in commercial sectors?

On 8/26/13 4:24 PM, "bbbrandt@mmm.com" <bbbrandt@mmm.com> wrote:

>Would need more detail on the use case, but this is quite common in IaaS
>(e.g. box.net) and SaaS ERP players (of which there are many).

That would be a manual/bilateral relationship, in contrast to an actual
multi-lateral entity facilitating trust between many parties. It's a very
different model and one that has very different operational
characteristics (assuming software that actually works) from the typical
bilateral approach.

I tend to use the term "outsourced" over "federated" for systems that
require me to manually enter all of my IdP information into an app (or if
somebody else has to do that for me).

-- Scott

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