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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] saml.xml.org spam


Please contact support@oasis-open.org, you typically get quick responses, even outside office hours.

This is a common problem for the *.xml.org sites. If people from the OASIS TC are willing to monitor the site, OASIS can arrange for some designated site maintainers (e.g. TC members) to have an authority to directly remove postings or even the accounts of posters, beyond simple flagging. But flagging obviously is the start. As noted, responses are often quite quick.

In case of persistent spam (recurring registrations from spammers), support has additional tools. With one other site where this occurred, those tools have worked.


On 10/26/2013 03:45 PM, Peter Schober wrote:

Hardly news but it seems the site is now more or less exclusively
being used for distributing spam and links to unrelated products.

In the past I registered an account there solely for the purpose of
flagging such postings but it seems that functionality is now gone
(?), at least I can't find it anywhere. Maybe I just don't see it.

Also the "Contact us" page http://saml.xml.org/contact is empty for me
and password reminders don't seem to arrive (though that may be due to
graylisting, maybe they will arrive eventually). I found the right
password myself in the end, so for me its not a current issue.

The "Hall of Fame" (whatever that is) is also empty for me

And probably other issues.

If there is still value to the site (I can't say) at leaset
removing/flagging spam should be fixed/re-enabled.
Is that something OASIS can look into?

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