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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] saml.xml.org spam

On 10/26/13, 4:07 PM, "Pim van der Eijk" <lists@sonnenglanz.net> wrote:
>This is a common problem for the *.xml.org sites. If people from the
>OASIS TC are willing to monitor the site,  OASIS can arrange for some
>designated site maintainers (e.g. TC members) to have an authority to
>directly remove postings or even the accounts of posters, beyond simple
>flagging. But flagging obviously is the start.  As noted, responses are
>often quite quick.

I am not willing, and in fact am actively interested in seeing the site
eliminated, as I was when it was first proposed.

If somebody else is willing, fine, but if not I would like to see us set a
deadline of end of year to get rid of it.

-- Scott

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