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Subject: AssertionConsumerServiceURL on ManageNameIDRequest

Title: AssertionConsumerServiceURL on ManageNameIDRequest

Hello SAML devs,

We are using the Name Identifier Management Protocol along with Browser POST Profile to allow users to delete their persistent id record on the IdP.

We noticed that the ManageNameIDRequest does not seem to have any callback URL attribute, like the AssertionConsumerServiceURL attribute that exists on an AuthnRequest. How should the IdP know where to send the response in this case? Has anyone considered this before?

We may just have the IdP maintain configuration as to the correct URL to send the ManageNameIDResponse to; or we could pass the URL in a separate HTTP parameter. At this point we are leaning away from using saml Extensions just because of technical challenges (library support of Extensions / xs:any).


michael lucas  |  Senior Software Developer  |  Great-West Life | mike.lucas@gwl.ca
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