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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] Re: Informing SP about session invalidated in IDP

XACML is a different standard. Questions about XACML should be directed to the xacml-dev list.


To answer, there is no such thing as “the” XACML java api jar. The OASIS XACML TC, like the SS TC has defined a standard and left it to others to implement it.


Most XACML implementations are commercial products. Historically, the most popular open source XACML implementation was Sun-xacml. A number of others were built by modifying sun-xacml. However, sun-xacml was never updated after XACML 2.0. There are now at least two open source XACML 3.0 products. I recommend WSO2’s Balana XACML engine. They just announced support for the AzAPI of the OpenAz Project.


If by API you actually mean network protocol, the XACML 3.0 standard defines two, one using XML/SOAP the other using JSON/HTTP. Most XACML PDPs whether commercial or open source support both. (The JSON one is actually still being standardized, although it is quite stable.)


The OpenAz project hopes to soon have a open source package which will allow you to call either a remote or a local (imbedded) PDP using the same programming API. Eventually this will support both the SOAP and JSON format remote calls.




XACML TC Public Page



XACML References and Implementations (unfortunately not updated since 2011)



Latest version of specification for remote XML/SOAP protocol (Chapter 4)



Latest Version of specification for JSON/HTTP protocol



Info on WSO2 Balana XACML engine



Blog on Balana AzAPI support



OpenAz Project






From: Phalguni Mukherjee [mailto:phalgunimukherjee1007@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 4:00 AM
To: SAML Developers
Subject: [saml-dev] Re: Informing SP about session invalidated in IDP


Do anybody knows the link fro XACML java api jar?


On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 4:07 PM, Phalguni Mukherjee <phalgunimukherjee1007@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi All,

I am new to SAML and will be thankful if someone can help me with the following problem:

I have my attribute defined as follows:

        <Attribute name="attributeMap">

but when I fetch the value through:
Map jingAttribute = (Map) map.get(SAML2Constants.ATTRIBUTE_MAP);

I get the keys as "uid" and "cn", these are the IDP specific key whereas I was expecting the value set to my keys i.e "userid" and "name" can someone tell me where I am going wrong?


On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 11:30 AM, Phalguni Mukherjee <phalgunimukherjee1007@gmail.com> wrote:

I was trying to use SAML through SSO,my question is when a session becomes invalid in IDP, how does IDP notifies this to SP, if I have multiple copy of SP sitting in geographically distributed region sitting behind a load balancer,how the message reaches a particular SP as the DNS name for all will be same.


Thanks & Regards

Phalguni Mukherjee

Thanks & Regards

Phalguni Mukherjee


Thanks & Regards

Phalguni Mukherjee

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