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Subject: Attribute equality during AttributeQuery


SAML core spec (errata version) says:
A single query MUST NOT contain two <saml:Attribute> elements with the same Name and NameFormat values (that is, a given attribute MUST be named only once in a query)

SAML profile spec (errata version),,,, are all saying: Two <Attribute> elements refer to the same SAML attribute if and only if the values of their Name XML
attributes are equal in the sense of Section 3.3.6 of [Schema2].

I feel that the NameFormat equality here is implicit as I assume you can only use the comparison rules once it is established that these attributes are using the same attribute NameFormat. Is that correct?

The question is really:
if I have locally my Attribute Authority configured to deal with Attribute queries against given NameFormat and Attribute name, then what should happen if I receive an AttributeQuery requesting the correct name, but without the NameFormat defined?

As far as I can look at SAML core
If no NameFormat value is provided,
the identifier urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:attrname-format:unspecified (see Section
8.2.1) is in effect.

So I suppose if the configuration explicitly referred to the unspecified attrname-format then the two attributes should be considered equal, otherwise it should be handled as an "unrecognized" attribute, right?

Thanks for your help,

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