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Subject: Web service interface to register for attributes with an Attribute Authority

Hi all,

I’m new to this list and have a question about requirement to develop a new web service interface to register users for new attributes.  I don’t believe that there is a SAML query-response to support this but I think it should be possible to re-use elements of the SAML specification to create something.

We have an existing Attribute Authority (aka Attribute Service) which currently supports a SAML-based Attribute Query web service interface and a web user interface to enable users to register for new attributes.  This service is in place to support attributes which have a federation-wide scope.  They are not associated with an individual IdP.

We now need to support a new web service interface to enable a client to register a user on their behalf for attributes with a given authority.  I’ll list the requirements in more detail:
 * The client needs to specify which attributes are being requested and also optionally, include a copy of a terms and conditions statement which is associated with sign-up for the attributes.  
 * The service responds synchronously with a request accepted, denied or pending response.
 * If pending, the client needs a means to be able to poll the service to check the status of the request.  This is needed because on the server-side, the approval process for attribute registration may be an out of band process requiring human intervention.

Any thoughts on how this could be best implemented much appreciated.

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