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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] SAML & establishing an SSO connection

On 12/10/14, 2:58 PM, "Lucas, Mike" <Mike.Lucas@gwl.ca> wrote:

>Thanks Scott. That was very helpful.
>Is it possible that "account linking between vendors" is more common than 
>you might realize? In the last couple years it seems like every company 
>that wants to integrate with us wants to do it that way.

Certainly possible, but I could count on probably less than one hand the 
number of times it's come up in 15 years of working on Shibboleth. The 
SP's local accounts rarely include credentials so there's no "login at the 
SP" step to link, it's just linking an identifier to local data.

That could just mean the real B2B scenarios between peers where one isn't 
more or less a slave to the other don't come up in the "business" of 

-- Scott

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