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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] Re: X.500/LDAP attribute profile

On 3/19/15, 6:48 AM, "Peter Schober" <peter.schober@univie.ac.at> wrote:
>I guess I can forget about that option, as I see this in the MACE-Dir
>Attribute Profiles:
>  "With two significant exceptions, the syntax rules defined by the
>  SAML 2.0 X.500/LDAP attribute profile [SAML-X500] are to be applied
>  [...]
>  The first exception is that the XML attribute named Encoding defined
>  by that profile is NOT specified for use with this profile."
>So I'll likely have to either to the same or only reference individual
>sections from [SAML-X500] in my own profile.

Yes, it's a hassle. The Encoding attribute was there for future proofing, but we never implemented it and I don't know if anybody really does. If a 2.1 were still in the cards, I'd probably advocate fixing it with another revision of the profile, but it's never been much of an issue.

-- Scott

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