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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] Where to pot information inside the SP's metadata?

Hi Antonio,

Thank you for your reply. I made a mistake, I actually mean the IDP, not the SP. I want to put some extra information about the country in the IDP's metadata since I actually talk to a Stork VIDP. I want to do this since I want the SP to be able to map the IDP to a specific country.

An example:

Since my SP talks to a virtual identity provider with several other identity providers behind it (let's say French and Belgium), I need to tell the VIDP to authenticate Joe taking into account the fact that my SP knows that he is from Belgium. In order to do this I need to somehow map the country code to the VIDP on the SP side.

The RequestedAttribute is a little late for my needs in this flow. My understanding is that this is used to get information about the user from the IDP. It's more for telling the VIDP what country-IDP to pick to authenticate JOE

Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you,

Andrei Petcu

On 08.09.2016 10:55, Antonio Di Maio wrote:

Try in saml attributes md:RequestedAttribute

On 8 Sep 2016 10:03 am, "Andrei Petcu" <andreip@posteo.net> wrote:

I need to put some information inside the SP's metadata. The information is a country code and I think it is not defined in SAML or in one of it's extensions.

Where is the best place to put it? Is it better in IDPSSODescriptor, UIInfo-> Keywords or DiscoHints-> DomainHint?

Is there a similar example somewhere on the Internet?

I'm pretty new to SAML.

Thank you,


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