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Subject: Priority of AssertionConsumerServiceURL vs AssertionConsumerServiceIndex


I have confusion regarding priority of AssertionConsumerServiceURL and AssertionConsumerServiceIndex.

AssertionConsumerServiceURL = ACS URL

AssertionConsumerServiceIndex = ACS Index

Consider the following scenario :
=> ACS URL in SAML Request : set
=> ACS Index in SAML Request: set
=> ACS URL is associated with SP configuration on IDP side but has different Index as compared to ACS Index in SAML Request.
=> The URL corresponding to ACS Index in SP configuration on IDP side is different w.r.t ACS URL in SAML Request.

Where will IDP send the SAML Response in this case ?

Also, is it required for IDP to set at least 1 ACS URL as default in SP configuration having multiple associated URLs ? Can IDP choose to have no ACS URL as default ?


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