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Subject: SAML 2.0 InterOp Wrap-up

Title: SAML 2.0 InterOp Wrap-up

Thank you all for your participation in the SAML 2.0 InterOp Demo last week.  I hope you will agree that it was a success!

As we continue to evolve the OASIS InterOp Demo Service, I very much value any feedback you have about the event.  For your convenience I have attached a brief Participant Survey you can use to provide any/all feedback about the Demo.  We look forward to your feedback.  Please provide feedback in the attached form by Friday, March 11.

Again, thank you for all your time and effort in pulling of a successful SAML 2.0 Demo!


Andy Moir
412-213-0338 Work
978-761-1648 Cell (New #)

Survey of SAML 2.0 InterOp Demo Participants - BLANK.xls

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