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Subject: SAML Demo 1/5 Technical Meeting - Decide on Use Cases

Weekly Technical Conference Calls
6 pm ET each Wedneaday
Dial-in: 781-515-2321 
Conference Password: 1208 
Dial-in and password is the same every week

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From: sampo@symlabs.com [mailto:sampo@symlabs.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2005 9:06 PM
To: andy.moir@oasis-open.org
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samldemoprimary@lists.oasis-open.org; Robert.ciochon@ca.com;
Subject: Re: SAML Demo 1/5 Technical Meeting - Decide on Use Cases

Andy Moir writes:
> During the 1/5 Technical Meeting we will need to finalize what use 
> case

I have not seen any mail announcong this conf call. What time? What
number? What pin code? 


> will be included in the SAML 2.0 InterOp Demo.  Please plan to attend 
> and be prepared to determine which cases we should use so that we can 
> be sure that we have received input from a majority of participants.
> Included in this e-mail are:
> 1) Notes from 12/29 Technical Call
> 2) Notes from 12/22 Technical Call from Thomas Wisniewski at Entrust
> 3) My Key Takeaways e-mail for the 12/22 meeting
> 4) SAML 2 Features Ranking Excel Spreadsheet - Vendor rankings of 
> which use cases they prefer to use
> Andy Moir
> 412-213-0338 Work
> 412-848-1545 Cell
> andy.moir@oasis-open.org
> ======================================================================
> ==
> ================================ 
> 1) 12/29 Meeting Notes
> ----------------------
> - Very limited attendance so we agreed that use cases would need to be

> finalized at 1/5 meeting.
> - Dave Silver at Enspier expressed his concern that we have not yet 
> nailed down which use cases we will be using in the demo.  He and 
> Terry will be looking for group to nail down final list during 1/5 
> meeting so that they can help define scenarios for the InterOp
> - Single Sign on and Single Logout have the highest rankings based on 
> vendor responses (see attached spreadsheet). We discussed again having

> tiers of use cases.
> - Tom volunteered to send his notes from 12/22 meeting since I had 
> focused on key takeaways, while he had captured some of the discussion

> points that may help us nail down use cases during next meeting.
> - We need to get someone to volunteer to take minutes at each meeting
> - Dave Silver is needs to get final confirmation that we can use the 
> GSA E-Authentication Interop Lab for February 2-3 (and 4 if 
> necessary).  He should have final decision by 1/5 meeting.
> 2) December 22 (last week) Meeting Notes courtesy of Thomas Wisniewski

> at Entrust
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> --
> ------
> 1. For Soap calls (e.g., if Artifact Resolution is used ala
> Browser-Artifact, or for Attribute Queries), the security model that
> will be used is Basic Authentication with SSL (i.e., bullet 2 in
> SamlConform section 3.5).
>    1a. We should decide on ids/pwds ahead of time.
> 2. SSO AuthnRequest and Response will be a core use case.
>    2a. Either Post or Artifact will be used (only one).
>    2b. The user will most likely be able to start at either the IDP, 
> SP, or some other common site (to be discussed).
>    2c. The ability to return attributes in the Response (similar to 
> last year). This was mentioned but nothing agree to.
>    2d. The use of persistent name identifiers (seemed to be the common
> choice) based on the fact that this is one of the most interesting 
> things in Saml 2.0 -- but nothing was agreed to. Persistent name 
> identifiers includes ID Federation as part of the 
> AuthnRequest/Response protocols.
>    2e. The format for attributes would be ...:basic (and not uri) for 
> simplicity purposes.
> 3. SLO Request and Response will be a core use case.
>    3a. HTTP Redirect will be used (and not soap).
>    3b. User can initiate from SP or IDP.
>    3c. Either as a core use case or advanced use case, the IDP SLO may

> provide the user the list of SPs they are logged into and allow them 
> to logout individually from each SP.
> 4. MNI new name and terminate will be an advanced use case
>    4a. Need to decide on HTTP Redirect or SOAP.
>    4b. User can initiate from SP or IDP.
> 5. Attribute Query will be an advanced use case.
>    5a. Need to decide on which attributes should be supported. This 
> includes the ability of changing the data at the IDP site, and then 
> while still logged in at the SP site, being able to retrieve (do an
> attribute query to the IDP) and obtain the changed information.   Some
> discussion was made of simple attributes that don't require an IDP 
> change feature (e.g., a timer, a counter, clock, etc...) vs. 
> specifying some trivial attributes like bank account balance, favorite

> color, etc...
>    5b. The format for attributes would be ...:basic (and not uri) for 
> simplicity purposes.
> 6. IDP Discovery will be an advanced use case.
> 7. At minimal , the CD version 3.0 specs and schemas would be used. A 
> set of 3.0a versions was released this week that have some minor 
> changes. Perhaps those should be the default ones used.
> 8. The Dry Run would possibly include a third day (Friday Feb 4) if 
> this was deemed necessary during the interop.
> 9. Sampo K. from Symlabs offered to generate certificates for the 
> conference. This is also necessary for the interop. NOTE: it would be 
> ideal if the certs can be generated for the dry run ahead of time and 
> that these same certs could be used at the interop.
> 10. We will not use encrypted identifiers, attributes, or assertions.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> --
> -------------------------
> 3) Following are the meeting notes I had sent out after last week's
> meeting: 
> Following are key takeaways from our meetng on Wednesday, 12/22:
> 1) Techncal Lead
> -Bob Ciochon from Computer Associates has volunteered to be the
> technical lead for this event. Good news!!!  
> 2) Technical Conference Calls
> - The recurring Wednesday 6 pm ET conference calls will become
> calls beginning with the next call on Wednesday, 12/29 
> - Dial-in information remains the same as previously published
> 3) Marketing Conference Calls
> - We need a proposed day of week and time for a recurring Marketing
> call.  People on the marketing list can e-mail me with potential dates
> times as soon as possible with hope we can get one set up next week. 
> - Brad Meehan from RSA is the Marketing Lead
> 4) InterOp Demo Dry-Run
> - Tentatively scheduled for February 2-3 (Wed/TH) in Washington, DC 
> - Andy to follow-up with Enspier/GSA to confirm date/location, plus
> collect essential travel info (location address, hotels, etc.) 
> 5) Scenarios for Demo
> - Next technical call will have strong focus on determining Scenarios
> use for Demo 
> - Will use the Scenario ranking spreadsheet as a starting point for
> discussions  

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