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samldemotech message

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Subject: RE: RSA SAML Interop

Title: RSA SAML Interop
Bob, your request did not have all the necessary questions for the dry run. I would like to xchg this data by the end of this week, if possible. For example, here is the full list of items (with the exception of the signing cert required to verify saml message signatures -- any status on that?).
We could xchg metadata for some of these items -- basically the urn-based values (but they should be documented as well).
Here is an example:
Domain: .entrust.com
IDP Basic: yes
SP Basic: yes
IDP Advanced: yes
SP Advanced: yes
Sample X509SubjectName Name ID: uid=alice,dc=entrust,dc=com
Sample Persistent Name ID: entrustuser1
IDP Display Name (i.e., IDP Issuer): Entrust
IDP Entity ID: https://idp.entrust.com
SP Display Name (i.e., SP Issuer): Entrust
// you had a separate url for SP Resoruce and eAuth SP Resource (though we agreed this is the same)?
SP Resource Display Name: Entrust Service Provider
// assume the saml index for the above is 0 (implied)
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From: Ciochon, Robert [mailto:Robert.Ciochon@ca.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2005 12:46 PM
To: samldemoprimary
Subject: RSA SAML Interop

To those of you who already responded to the request for information for the SAML Interop configurations, thank you for your prompt replies.  I am still waiting for replies from DataPower, OpenNetwork, RSA and Symlabs.  I have attached the original email and request a reply by the end of this week so we can prepare for the dry run next Wednesday in Washington DC.


<<RSA SAML Interop 2005 - request for info>>
Robert Ciochon
eTrust Development Manager
Computer Associates
San Diego, California
(858) 625-6866

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