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samldemotech message

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Subject: InterOp F2F at GSA This Week - Reminder to Participants

Title: Message
If you are participating in the F2F Demo Prep at GSA this week, please  remember to  convene in the building lobby, near the main security desk, 30 minutes prior to start time :
-Wednesday, 2/2 convene at 8:30 AM (start at 9 am)
-Thursday, 2/3 convene at 8:30 AM (start at 9 am)
-Friday, 2/4  convene at 8:00 AM  (start at 8:30 am) 
Someone from Enspier will meet you there - probably Terry and/or Lori.

Primary contacts for the F2F, in advance and during the three day event:
Terry McBride (Enspier): (c) 703.994.5681 terry.mcbride@enspier.com
Lori McPhee (Enspier): (c) 703.304.7714  lori.mcphee@enspier.com
Dave Silver (Enspier): (c) 703.597.5114 dave.silver@enspier.com
I have attached the general information that was sent out previously as a reminder.
Andy Moir
412-213-0338 Work
978-761-1648 Cell (New #)


SAML 2.0 InterOp Demo at GSA.doc

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