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samldemotech message

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Subject: RSA SAML Interop technical issues

Title: RSA SAML Interop technical issues

During the dry run we were able to assemble the metadata for all vendors who are participating.   If you have had to change your metadata since the dry run, please send it out to the list so everyone can maintain a current version for their providers.  This will be one less step that will need to be done at show setup.  Note that some vendors were running without SSL at the dry run.  If you were one of them, SSL will be required for the show and your metadata will need to change.

A few items came up during the dry run that were accomodated, but in the interest of a smoother show setup everyone wanted standardized.  Please respond if you disagree with the proposed requirements for the SAML Interop:

Please respond as soon as possible to the above issues, as a decision will be put in writing on Friday.

Robert Ciochon
eTrust Development Manager
Computer Associates
San Diego, California
(858) 625-6866

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