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Subject: SARIF converters for non-Microsoft tools

At the last TC meeting, I took an action to provide a list of non-Microsoft tools for which a converter is available in the SARIF SDK (https://github.com/Microsoft/sarif-sdk). This is the list:

- Android Studio
- CppCheck
- Clang Static Analyzer
- Fortify
- Semmle QL

In addition, there are converters for the Microsoft tools FxCop, Static Driver Verifier, and C++ Code Analysis ("PREfast").

The converters are under src\Sarif.Converters in the repo. The easiest way to see the list is to look at the method CreateBuiltInConverters in the file BuiltInConverterFactory.cs in that directory. (For historical reasons, the PREfast converter is implemented separately, in C++, under src\PREfastXmlSarifConverter).


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